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Christer Hjälmefjord - Curriculum vitae

I have solid knowledge and long experience from the construction and wind power industry.
As a person I am committed to everything I do and have the ability to get a group to work towards a common goal. I am a responsible and determined person who always does my best. Having an open and honest communication with my surroundings is obvious for me.
My solid experience as a site manager in the BoP construction / building industry, has given me a solid platform to be a construction manager on the customer side.
I have previously worked as a site manager in construction and civil engineering projects, most recently with wind farms. In these projects I have been responsible for planning and finances. I have extensive experience of concrete structures and road construction as well as cable laying.


2017-  ongoing        Fjord Consulting Vind och Anläggning AB. Owner and consultant. 
During these years I have had a number of different assignments in construction projects. Detailed information is available on my LinkedIn profile, see link below.
2016-2017   ÅF AB. Sitemanager for civil engineering, and windfarms as a specialty.
2012-2017 Kanonaden Entrepenad AB. Site manager for Wind park constructions
2010-2012 NCC Constructions AB. Site manager
2008-2010 Jonab Anläggning AB AB. Site manager for concrete and construction.
2004-2008 NCC Constructions AB. Site manager and supervisor
1999-2004 Uniträ Bygg AB. Carpenter
1997-1999 Berndts Bygg AB. Owner and carpenter
1994-1997 SIDA. Construction manager of schools and hospitals in Zambia and Swaziland
1988-1995 Berndts Bygg AB. Carpenter/Owner


2020      Novo. Final inspection (Entreprenadbesiktning)
2016Concrete Class 1 and 2, Construction work
2016ESA 14 (Electrical installation)
2015Work on road
2011Bas U and Bas P, HSE responsible
2007Leadership training

Christer Hjälmefjord
Tel +46 76 76 99 232

Christer Hjälmefjord
Tel +46 769 92 32

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