Mobil 2020

Wind Power & Construction

We consult within construction management, final inspection, and concrete cover measurements. We also perform inspections for customers and investors during the construction phase in wind farms.

Fjord Consulting offers consultation in construction management, primarily in the construction phase in wind farms. We also perform inspections on both concrete and earthworks, for both customers and investors.
We have extensive knowledge and solid experience of reinforcement and casting of both rock-anchored foundations and gravity foundations.
We also have extensive experience of earthworks, roads, crane pads and foundation bottoms.
We have Class 1 qualifications in concrete casting.

Fjord Consulting offers Final inspections primarily in wind power projects, but also other projects.

Fjord Consulting offers concrete cover measurements on concrete foundations.
This ensures/verifies that the concrete cover layer on the reinforcement has been achieved in accordance to the design documents. The measurement is performed as a non-destructive test.

Christer Hjälmefjord
Tel +46 76 76 99 232